Periodic reporting

New in January 2018

New log-in

Periodic reporting has undergone changes:

First step - December 2017
Authorised signatories are able to register and delegate authorisation in preparation for the launch of FI's Reporting Portal. Authorised signatories can appoint company administrators and rapporteurs. Read more at About the Reporting Portal.

Second step - January 2018
All periodic reporting is submitted through FI's Reporting Portal, which replaces the existing online system that utilised reporting cards and card readers.
Please note that there is an older system that is based on an installed programme. This system will continue to use reporting cards and card readers for logging in until further notice.

Due to maintenance, the system of periodical reporting will be closed on Wednesday 24 January from 1 am until 12 am.


About periodic reporting

The reporting calendars are published on the Reporting pages under each section: Banking, Insurance and Markets.

FI receives periodic reporting via two systems. The older system, which uses an installed program, has previously been the single point of entry for all periodic reporting. Following the new EU-harmonised reporting, FI developed a second, web-based system.

FI has a 7-day processing period for applications for authorisation to report to FI. A new form is used to apply, Application for authorisation to report


There are handbooks available to help rapporteurs start filing periodic reporting. There is one handbook for all reporting via the PI application and one handbook for reporting via the online system. These handbooks provide instructions for how to log in and enter data into each system. They also explain the control functions and general navigation within the system.

In order to interpret the validation errors that arise when filing a report, there is a document, Annex XV, available on this page. This document has been prepared by the European Banking Authority (EBA). The document translate validation results to formulas that describe the various rules.

These will be translated shortly:

Handbook for Period Reporting Online
Periodic Reporting Online - Transaction files and transaction file support
Own funds requirements: XBRL example file taxonomy 2.3.1
Handbook for Period Reporting in the old system (PI application)


The following forms are needed for reporting:

  • Application for authorisation to report, to be used when applying for authorisation for periodic reporting via the online portal.
  • Terminated authorisation to report, to be used to notify FI when persons are no longer card officers or authorised to report.
  • Replacement card, to be used when the period of validity of the impersonal electronic reporting card expires. An application for a replacement card must then be submitted to FI. The period of validity is stated on the card.

Forms Reporting

Applications should be sent to:
Box 7821
103 97 Stockholm Sweden


Logging into the periodic reporting application and the online interface is done in the same way with cards and card readers.

The following technical requirements apply for logging into both systems:

  • The reporting cards are issued by Telia
  • Net iD is the program used to show certificates (version 4.1 or more recent)

Card readers used for Windows 7

  • Gemalto PC USB-TR
  • GemPCTwin

Card readers used for systems other than Windows 7

  • GemPC430(USB)
  • GemPC410-SL

Because the log-in for the online portal occurs via a browser, it is important to bear in mind the following:

  • The supported browser is Internet Explorer. 
  • BankID (Nexus Personal) has been uninstalled for version 5.0 or later, or terminated for older versions.

Actions in the event of error message "403 – Forbidden: Access is denied"

If this error message is generated, the browsing session must be ended before logging in. This means that you must either delete the history in the web browser or restart it. Please note that this step must be carried out for all open web browser sessions. This also applies if authentication has been discontinued at any stage.

The card must be extracted and reinserted before attempting to log in again. Ensure that the card is in the card reader when clicking on the log-in link.

Changing a PIN code

If you need to change or unlock your card, read the PIN management description.
For questions regarding a lost PIN code, i.e. ordering a new PUK code, and blocking a lost card, please contact: Telia Trust Services,
Customer Service +46 20-32 32 62

When a reporting day falls on a weekend

If a reporting day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, other public holiday, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the next weekday is considered the last reporting day.

The information that must be reported and the reporting deadlines are specified in the reporting schedule for each respective industry and firm category.dolt innehåll

Banking - reporting
Insurance - reporting
Markets - reporting


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