Submitting invoices to Finansinspektionen

2017-11-27 | About FI

Suppliers can send e-invoices to Finansinspektionen. We prefer Svefaktura 5A 2.0 invoices via the PEPPOL network. Finansinspektionen does not accept invoices in PDF format that are sent by email.

The financial sector's role for sustainabilty

Erik Thedéen, FI's Director General, took part in a panel discussion arranged by Alecta today entitled Incentives for significant allocation of long term capital towards investments for a resilient and sustainable society. Erik Thedéen talked about sustainability work within the financial sector.

Companies attitudes toward FI

2017-03-30 | About FI

As part of the follow up of its own activities, FI investigates how firms that are subject to supervision perceive FI’s activities. A survey is conducted annually and sent to approximately 400 financial firms.

FI’s 2016 Annual report

2017-02-27 | News About FI

FI hereby presents the most recent operational year in its annual report for 2016. The following is a summary of the year by Director General Erik Thedéen that is included as the introduction to the annual report.

Open data

2017-01-26 | About FI

Under the PSI Directive, public authorities should make their public data accessible for re-use, free of charge or on standardised and generous terms with the aim of greater openness and better service in the public sector.

Processing of personal data

2017-01-26 | About FI

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Welcome to the new

2017-01-24 | News About FI

The new has arrived - with new design, new structure and partially new content.

Photo archive

2017-01-24 | About FI

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2017-01-24 | About FI

FI aims to maintain an efficient organisation capable of handling a constantly changing news flow.


2017-01-24 | About FI

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