Logging into the online portal is done using a smartcard (reporting card) and card reader provided by the SFSA. You apply for access and order a smartcard at the same time by submitting an application form.

The smartcard is connected to the fund manager through the unique national code (Institutnummer) each fund manager is given when registered by the SFSA. This also means that the smartcard is not connected to a specific person but to the fund manager and thereby also the managed funds.

National code (Institutnummer) for companies under regulation are found in our Company register.

The application form is found below.

Note that the SFSA uses the national postal service for sending the log in equipment. Consequently, we do not have any tracking numbers and cannot anticipate arrival dates.

Two separate postal despatches containing the log in credentials will be sent, one containing smartcards ordered together with card readers and one containing PIN codes belonging to the smartcards.

Last reviewed: 2017-01-24
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