FFFS 2011:27

Regulations and general guidelines on simplified annual reporting in insurance undertakings given dispensation

In force from 2011-05-01


The regulations apply to how insurance undertakings and insurance associations that were granted dispensation under the Annual Accounts at Insurance Undertakings Act shall prepare their financial statements.

It should be stated in a dispensation decision that the regulations can be applied. For undertakings that were granted dispensation, the regulations allow easements with regard to, for example, measuring of financial instruments, reporting of technical provisions and formatting. The regulations also specify which dispensation is allowed by the Annual Accounts Act and which provisions the undertakings must apply despite the exemption.

The regulations adapt the regulatory framework to the new Insurance Business Act (2010:2043) and subsequent changes in other acts and ordinances. The regulations repeal FFFS 2006:18.

FFFS 2011:27 is currently not available in English.


FI is adapting the regulations to the amendments made to the Annual Reports at Insurance Undertakings Act and the amendments made to the Annual Accounts Act due to the implementation of the new EU Accounting Directives.

FI clarifies accounting terms, introduces new items in equity, adapts the presentation of the balance sheet and introduces amendments relating to intangible assets and notes. FI also adapts the regulations to the amendments made to the Insurance Business Act due to the implementation of the Solvency II Directive. Due to the Solvency II Directive, FI also reworks the regulations for valuation of technical provisions and removes the special disclosure regulations regarding solvency information in the directors' report.

The amendments enter into force on 31 March 2016 and apply to financial years commencing immediately after 31 December 2015. amendment 2016:12


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