FFFS 2011:39

Regulations and general guidelines regarding information about insurance and occupational pensions

In force from 2012-04-01


The regulations regulate information regarding insurance and occupational pensions and contain general guidelines for key investor information documents for life insurance as a type of savings. The key investor information document should contain information about the insurance undertaking's financial strength and relevant return history for the product offered by the undertaking. Fee disclosures in the key investor information document are another important point in the general guidelines.

The basis for the regulations is the EU Directive on life insurance and non-life insurance and the Directive on occupational pension institutions. Because these regulations and general guidelines are an important part of the Swedish regulations for consumer protection, they shall also apply to foreign insurance undertakings that target Swedish consumers.

The regulations repeal FFFS 2011:35 regarding information about life insurance and occupational pensions and FFFS 2011:36 regarding information related to non-life insurance.


The information requirement for an insurance undertaking that provides life insurance or occupational pension insurance is expanded in conjunction with offers to transfer an insurance amount within the same insurance undertaking or insurance group or offers for significant changes to the terms and conditions. Finansinspektionen is also supplementing the general guidelines regarding the form of the information. All other changes are editorial in nature and intend to clarify or correct grammatical errors in the basic regulation. amendment 2013:5

The amendments expand the requirements on the insurance undertakings in terms of providing information before issuing unit-linked insurance or deposit insurance. All other changes are editorial in nature an intend to correct grammatical errors in the basic regulation. amendment 2012:2



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