FFFS 2017:6

Regulations amending Finansinspektionen’s regulations (FFFS 2013:9) regarding Swedish UCITS;

In force from 2017-08-01 , amending FFFS 2013:9


Finansinspektionen is amending its regulations to adapt to the amendments to the Securities Market Act, Finansinspektionen's regulations (FFFS 2017:2) regarding investment services and activities and the Delegated Regulation for MiFID II. As a result of the amendments, Swedish fund management companies by reference must apply some of the provisions in the securities regulations. The regulations also contain changes as a result of the new Anti Money Laundering Act.

The amendments enter into force on 1 August 2017 in respect of Chapter 2, section 27, and the other amendments enter into force on 3 January 2018.  Amendment 2017:6


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