Finansinspektionen (FI) conducts supervision of undertakings which have received authorisation from FI to conduct business on the financial market.

Supervision is one of the most important tools that FI has for carrying out its assignment. The main task of FI’s supervision is to prevent problems on the financial markets, but the resources for supervision are and always will be limited. In order for supervision to have the greatest benefit, we must therefore deliberately prioritise our work. FI's starting point is that, to the greatest extent possible, the supervision will be risk-based and forward-looking.

The purpose of insurance supervision is to secure a reasonable balance between the risks and solvency of insurance- and occupational pensions undertakings so that they can fulfil their obligations to policyholders.

Central for supervision is the undertakings duty of care, which means that insurance undertakings must start with the consumers' needs and conditions when developing and selling different types of products and services, so these are appropriate for individual consumers.

Insurance supervision is also tasked with promoting the financial system’s contribution to sustainable development.

Undertakings under supervision

The supervision conducted by the Insurance section at FI targets everything from large to small undertakings. The undertakings under supervision in the insurance area can be broken down roughly into three groups:

  • limited insurance companies, both life and non-life insurance
  • occupational pension undertakings
  • pension foundation.

Supervisory colleges

Swedish insurance undertakings are active in other countries, and foreign undertakings are active on the Swedish market. The supervision of insurance undertakings with operations in several countries is conducted through supervisory colleges. These colleges are groups of representatives from the supervisory authorities in the countries where the insurance company is active. Work in the colleges is governed by cooperation agreements between the countries’ authorities.

FI chairs four colleges as the home country authority and participates in another eight colleges.

Last reviewed: 2022-02-22