The securities markets and their infrastructure are very important. If these markets cease to function, firms will not be able to be able to finance themselves or hedge themselves against financial risks. Here you will find information related to firms within the financial market as well as non-financial corporations and private individual, for example related to prospectuses and insider trading.

Open finance in Sweden

Publicerad 2023-06-28

Digitalisation introduces both opportunities and risks to the financial market. After conducting a new survey, FI has noted that broader regulation…

Updated approach to assessing Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks

Publicerad 2023-05-31

Finansinspektionen has decided on an updated approach for assessing the size of the Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks. The updated method contains…

IMF assessment of the financial sector in Sweden is complete

Publicerad 2023-03-16

During 2022, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) carried out a special assessment of the financial sector in Sweden, a so-called FSAP (Financial…

Authorisation as an administrator of STIBOR – FI assesses that the application is complete

Publicerad 2023-01-02

Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility AB 's (SFBF) application to become an authorised administrator of STIBOR in accordance with the EU’s Benchmark…