Trygga din ekonomiska framtid (Protect Your Financial Future) is a course that covers a broad spectrum of topics related to personal finances. It aims to make consumers more knowledgeable and aware about their own personal finances. Several occupational categories have taken the course, including guardians, budget and debt advisors, consumer counsellors and unions.

It is a two-day course and upon completion participants become certified instructors. They in turn can help train others at their workplaces, for example through study circles. This "instructor model" enables the broad geographical dissemination of information.

The course is offered as part of the Gilla din ekonomi network.

Pensioner och försäkringar (Pensions and Insurance) is a basic course for insurance instructors. The course helps insurance instructors learn how to help their colleagues understand and get help with their statutory and collectively bargained pension and insurance protection. Course participants learn about illnesses, work injuries, mortalities and retirement pension.

The course is a cooperation with the Gilla din ekonomi network and has been developed in collaboration with PTK, the Swedish Pensions Agency, Alecta and Collectum.

The course and the collaboration will be paused as of 2021 until further notice.


Niklas Uppenberg
Project Manager
Last reviewed: 2020-08-11
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