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DateIssuerSecuritiesDocument type
2020-05-29Ikano Bank AB (publ)Debt with denomination < €100.000 - DWHDSupplement
2020-05-29Sprint Bioscience ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2020-05-28Xbrane Biopharma ABShares - SHRSProspectus
2020-05-28Zutec Holding ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2020-05-27Green Landscaping Group AB (publ)Shares - SHRSProspectus
2020-05-25Cardeon Futuring Finance AB (publ)Shares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2020-05-25Kungsleden AktiebolagDebt with denomination < €100.000 - DWHDBase prospectus
2020-05-22Intrum ABDebt with denomination = €100.000 - DWLDBase prospectus
2020-05-22TerraNet Holding ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2020-05-20Skogsfond Baltikum AB (publ)Units or shares in closed end funds - UCEFSupplement

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