Consumer protection in the financial markets

2009-05-29 | Reports Consumer

FI assesses that the consumer’s position on the financial market is good in general, despite significant conflicts of interest and the complexity of many services. The supply of financial services and number of options has increased over the past decade. This leads to more financial decisions and increased exposure for various risks, and imposes stricter requirements for the consumer’s knowledge.

One of the aims of financial regulation and supervision is to strengthen the consumer's position on the financial market. It is important to draw a clear line between society's responsibility and the individual's. The consumer is responsible for his or her own decisions in terms of the purchase of financial services. However, the central government has a responsibility to enable consumers to take that responsibility.

On the other hand, the consumer cannot expect the central government to handle or protect against losses arising from financial risks that he or she chooses to take. Supervision focuses primarily on the services that are of the greatest importance to the consumers and where they have the least opportunities to assess the risks and protect their interests.

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