Growing risks require readiness to introduce further measures

Resilience in the Swedish financial system is satisfactory. However, the sharp rise in housing prices means that household debt is growing rapidly. This development entails an increase in the risks to economic stability. It is therefore necessary to be prepared to take further measures.

Resilience continues to be sound but measures required

The Swedish financial system is functioning well and the banks' resilience to disruptions is satisfactory. At the same time, measures are required to reduce the risks linked to household indebtedness. These are two of the conclusions drawn in FI's Stability Report, which is being presented today.


Sound resilience in the financial system

Resilience in the Swedish financial system is satisfactory. Despite unease abroad, the banks have sound resilience and access to funding. The major banks' need for funding from the market and the substantial debts of households are, at the same time, vulnerabilities that must be monitored and counteracted. These are the conclusions of Finansinspektionen's (FI's) Stability Report.

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