Fund holdings

Ucits holdings.

The holdings are published every quarter with a two-month delay starting from Q4 2018. Holdings of special funds are not published.

Published information

The focus is on the funds' holdings, but some additional information is published as well, including net asset value, fees, a benchmark index, active risk, and standard deviation.

The information is reported by the fund management companies to FI every quarter. More information about the figures and how the data is validated is found in FI's instructions for reporting − see the document "Technical specifications Schema and instructions Fund holdings" − that is available under Reporting of Holdings.


If the figures for a fund are revised, only the most recent version is shown. The file name shows the date and time of the most recently reported file, so you can check if any reports of holdings have been updated.

Technical format

FI publishes the data in zipped folders. The files are in XML format. For instructions on how to download the date and open the fund holdings in Excel, see Instructions for opening fund holdings in Excel.

Last reviewed: 2022-02-02
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