Resurs Bank receives a remark and an administrative fine

2016-09-13 | Sanctions Bank

Finansinspektionen is issuing Resurs Bank AB a remark. The bank must also pay an administrative fine of SEK 35 million.

FI has investigated Resurs Bank's compliance with the regulations regarding consolidated situations (previously financial groups) and how the bank has applied the capital requirements at the group level.

FI's investigation shows that Resurs Bank has been in violation of the regulations with regard to the reporting of its consolidated situation and the Group has been undercapitalised.

As a result of these breaches, Resurs Bank is being issued a remark and an administrative fine of SEK 35 million. As of 2 August 2014, FI is able to issue significantly higher administrative fines than what was previously possible. FI has taken into consideration when determining the fine that part of the breaches occurred before this change went into effect.

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