Martin Noréus: Current challenges facing the banking sector

“The Swedish banking sector is profitable and has satisfactory resilience, but it is clearly undergoing a major transformation,” said Martin Noréus in a speech at SvD Bank Summit in Stockholm.


Basel agreement on banks’ capital adequacy

2017-12-07 | Basel Bank

The oversight body of the Basel Committee, GHOS (Governors and Heads of Supervision), has agreed today after several years of work on key supplements to complete the global standards for banks’ capital adequacy. Finansinspektionen (FI) is a member of the Basel Committee and has participated in this project.

FI’s view on financial stability and the risks for financial imbalances

Erik Thedéen visited the Committee on Finance today for a Q&A session. He discussed the unprecedented economic conditions that Sweden is currently experiencing.


FI does not grant waivers from the Basel 1-floor

2014-03-18 | Press releases Basel

Finansinspektionen (FI) does not consider it to be appropriate to grant banks the option of waivers from the so-called Basel 1 floor. FI wishes to continue ensuring that the banking system is sufficiently resilient, which safeguards financial stability.

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